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This is where the product research starts.

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GDlabs can help your marketing and sales

Plug your marketing and sales data into GDlabs and then let us work our magic.

We’ll give you back actionable data to help you optimise your spend and get a better return on your campaigns, including:

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Free Google Analytics simulation

No obligation, no credit cards. Try our historic word-of-mouth simulation now.

The simulation uses the GDlabs AI to model your historic online traffic to indicate offline where clusters of engagement are occurring in the real world. The output is a bespoke heat map for your company. 

Remember, this is just a taster. After the simulation, our full AI product, using your sales data, will show you where your future prospects with the highest intent to buy will be in the next three months.

Simply connect your Google Analytics account.

GDlabs platform - Google Analytics checker

What you get with GDlabs

Finding customers with a higher propensity to buy

Improving your profit margin, lowering CAC and creating greater LTV

End the dimishing return on marketing spend

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We are experimenting with GDlabs AI, we want to reduce reliance, unpredictability and cost of paid media. We connect the GDlabs outputs into search, social and outbound targeting campaigns. We want to connect with prospects earlier and influence brand preference for Nuon.
Paul Doran, CCO
Nuon AI

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