An AI-powered data layer delivering you a competitive advantage

We live in the privacy-first digital age.

A rapidly changing world that businesses are ill-prepared to respond to. Data is the new growth currency and AI is the new medium. 

There is a race to respond to customer privacy demands, shifting regulations and technology.  The past 18 months have ushered in a new era for how and where we all live, rendering traditional data and customer targeting methods redundant.  

GDlabs is an audience targeting intelligence platform. Through the use of AI data, customers are able to supercharge sales and marketing performance.

The GDlabs platform enables professionals to see accurately, down to a street level, where their brand is being discussed or new clusters of potential customers are forming.

Without relying on social listening or third-party data, sales and marketing teams become laser-focused on where new customers can be found.

As a result, GDlabs customers grow faster, reduce CAC and optimise the return on every pound spent.

And we do all this while ensuring and protecting customer-privacy


Privacy was one of the founding tenets of GDlabs. All of our Artificial Intelligence and statistical models operate at a geographic designation known as an Output Area (OA) which is regarded as GDPR compliant by the UK’s ICO and ONS.

In addition, our approach does not use people’s private data to provide location-marketing but rather uses proprietary work based on the academic research our teams have completed.

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