Want to know where to find your next customers?

The GDlabs AI platform uses your historic primary data to map predicted physical, geographic locations where your next customer will be.

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How does it work?

We use an emerging branch of AI called Graph theory, in simple terms, physical networks like Facebook or the internet are predictable.

Our AI methodology looks at how physical networks (social) behave and aligns that to invisible networks (real-world) as accurate to a street level.

Our AI platform analyses a company’s historic sales data, like the date of sale, location, time etc. From this analysis we are able map future predicted customer locations.

For brand owners, sales and marketing teams these powerful targeting tools reduce marketing wastage and boost conversion.

For sales teams and growth marketers, these powerful targeting tools reduce marketing wastage and boost conversion.


Use your own GDPR compliant historic sales data. No reliance on social media platform or buying data.


Prepare for the post-third-party cookie changes.

Stop searching

Reduce wasted operational, sales and marketing spend. Be laser-focused in customer targeting. Down to a single street level.


Cut through the online brand noise and be present where your future customers are most active.

468% ROI on incremental revenue versus campaign cost
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"GDlabs has been invaluable in proving clarity on how our channels are performing and improving our marketing spend ROI."
Julian Roberts CMO

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