Our SaaS platform puts powerful data-led recommendations into your lap.

Reduce the pain from the CEO/Sales, relieve the pressure to achieve high scale-up numbers and soothe the frustration with the lack of insight from your own 1st party data.

In under 1 minute find where people are talking about your brand in the OFFLINE world.

We're not a marketing agency, we're data specialists providing easy to use insight to marketing professionals like yourself.

How does GDlabs work?

Our AI platform analyses your historic sales data, like the date of sale, location, time etc. From this analysis, we map future predicted customer locations.​

We use an emerging branch of AI called Graph theory, in simple terms, physical networks like Facebook or the internet are predictable.

Our AI methodology looks at how physical networks (social) behave and align that to invisible networks (real-world) as accurate to a street level.

For brand owners, sales teams and marketers these powerful targeting tools reduce marketing wastage and boost conversion.

Connect your CRM data to LinkedIn in 3 easy steps to get bespoke targeting based on where you’ve been successful.

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Connect your CRM data with our easy to use connectors. Don't see your one? drop us a line as it's probably in our pipeline or we can upload a CSV for you.

Review our recommendation and publish to LinkedIn

Once we've processed your data we'll email you so you can review them in the portal. If you're happy hit the publish button and send them to LinkedIn. Simple.

Then you need to do is complete the rest of the campaign configuration in the LinkedIn Campaign Manager and you’re off.​

Don’t know how to use the LinkedIn Campaign Manager? No worries, we have an extensive network of marketing partners who have your back.

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"Geo Data Labs has been invaluable in proving clarity on how our channels are performing and improving our marketing spend ROI."
Julian Roberts CMO

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