1st party data for marketing and sales

Reach new customers

Spend your time talking and marketing to those most likely to engage and become a customer.

Accurately see where your brand or products are being discussed or where new clusters of potential customers are forming.

GDlabs platform flow / marketing network theory

Make your data work for you

Don’t rely on 3rd party data; use your 1st party data to grow

Don’t waste your time targeting locations that you think might work. Work with data you can trust and speak with the right people at the right time.

Plugin your data and we’ll predict and prescribe the best audience and location data for you.

GDlabs awareness output / marketing network theory

Target effectively without worrying about compliance

Grow faster with network effects

Supercharge your campaigns with AI-driven network effects – it’s all about the data.

By identifying the locations where your message is best understood you can amplify it with your sales and marketing activity.

UK map of audience data / / marketing network theory

Supercharge your marketing + sales

Make more sales

Know where to spend your time and resources and avoid unnecessary spend and reduce waste.

Focus on the areas and locations where your brand is making the most impact.

Happy sales/marketer from making more sales / marketing network theory

Live without fear of cookies

Laser-targeting without worrying about compliance

The clock is ticking for digital advertisers who have to adjust to a future without third-party cookies. Get one step ahead of the competition by making the most of your own data.

Customer targeting / marketing network theory

Unlock your creativity

Take the guesswork out of your campaigns

Know where lightning was going to strike twice, and get creative with how you talk to your customers.

Use our GDPR compliant location data to reach out and expand your brand.

Happy sales/marketer from making more sales / marketing network theory

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"GDlabs has been invaluable in proving clarity on how our channels are performing and improving our marketing spend ROI."
Julian Roberts CMO

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