Supercharge marketing with AI-powered data and connect with prospects earlier

Stop fighting and paying over the odds for leads via paid media.

Connect your historical sales data with the GDlabs AI platform quickly and simply. Build location maps and audience data showing leads with the highest purchase and brand intent.

Use the targeting data to plug into look-a-like profiles, campaign targeting tools and industry-standard marketing platforms.

GDlabs creates a competitive advantage for you in the search for customers; AI data helps you find leads faster and earlier in their awareness journey.

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Platforms you can connect GDlabs with

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GDlabs can help you...

Improve acquisition and reduce CAC

Reduce wasted spend and be laser-focused in your customer targeting.

Beyond cookies

Prepare for the transition away from third-party cookies.

Simple to use

Plug your historic sales data into the GDlabs platform and within minutes, access actionable data.

Free Google Analytics simulation

No obligation, no credit cards. Try our simulation now.

The simulation will create a bespoke heat map for your company. Using your GA data will show a historical view of where you have been gaining the most interest from prospects and customers.

Remember, this is just a taster. After the simulation, our full AI product, using your sales data, will show you where your future prospects with the highest intent to buy will be in the next three months.

Connect your Google Analytics account.

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We are experimenting with GDlabs AI, we want to reduce reliance, unpredictability and cost of paid media. We connect the GDlabs outputs into search, social and outbound targeting campaigns. We want to connect with prospects earlier and influence brand preference for Nuon.
Paul Doran, CCO
Nuon AI

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