Increases prospect conversion with AI-powered targeting

Imagine a sales meeting starting with ‘I’ve been thinking about buying one of these.’

With GDlabs AI, we can put you in front of the customers who are already showing the highest intent to buy your product.

Our technology can accurately model where your next customers are located using your own historical sales data.

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Make your data work for you

Target the locations  you know will work.

Connect your historical sales data, and GDlabs will highlight the geographical location with the most engaged audience to target.  The platform uses AI to examine past customer data, to model future customer behaviour.

Platforms you can connect GDlabs with

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GDlabs can help you

Identify engaged leads

Drive up your close rate by speaking to people who are ready to speak to you

Shorten sales cycle

Find the users, customers and prospects with the highest intent to buy your product.

Increase sales

Know where to spend your time and resources and avoid unnecessary spend and reduce waste.

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We are experimenting with GDlabs AI, we want to reduce reliance, unpredictability and cost of paid media. We connect the GDlabs outputs into search, social and outbound targeting campaigns. We want to connect with prospects earlier and influence brand preference for Nuon.
Paul Doran, CCO
Nuon AI

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